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Compensation of Rs 600cr Sanctioned for the Jewar airport land in 3 villages

Compensation of Rs 600cr Sanctioned for the Jewar airport land in 3 villages

With Allahabad high court dismissing the petition of farmers seeking more compensation for the land acquisition of the Jewar Airport land, the work has once again kick-started by the authorities which was earlier stalled. Among all this, recently the Gautam Budh Nagar district administration has started the procedure of awarding compensation to the families of the affected villagers.

A total of 1,239 hectares of land needed to be acquired from six villages in the first phase of the project development that Ranhera, Parohi, Banwariwas, Dayanatpur, Kishorpur, and Rohi. For the compensation, the state government has sanctioned Rs 2,852 crore. Out of this, an amount of 600 crores has been cleared as the first lot for the three villages namely- Ranhera, Parohi, and Banwariwas.

The work on sanctioning the amount for the remaining three villages is already in process and the approvals are expected to arrive soon.

Balram Singh, ADM (land acquisition), Gautam Budh Nagar, elaborated on the same and said, “A total of 8,971 families will be affected in the first phase of acquisition. Out of this, 3,627 families are those whose farming as well as residential land has been notified. We have prepared the compensation package per village based on the report submitted by the district land acquisition officials, which is further approved by the Meerut commissioner and the district magistrate in different phases.”

Of the 600 crores, Rs 308 crore has been cleared for Ranhera, while Rs 276 crore and 16 crore have been sanctioned for Parohi and Banwariwas respectively.

“For remaining three villages, a compensation of Rs 427 crore has been finalized for the village Kishorpur which has already been sent for clearance. The decision on compensation award for Dayanatpur and Rohi is in process.” Singh added further.

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